Ar. Shivdatt Sharma

Works in Chandigarh (1963-73)

Adopted and Extended the philosophy of Modernism by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeaneret an idioms of a hybrid thinking. The pure architecture and rational thoughts, building for the purpose these are meant with no superficialities, pure and honest expression, glorifying brick and cement chosen as versatile materials, to depict architectural expression for a very noble-aesthetic reasons.

This was the defining formative period of Sharma’s career, where he learnt the art and craft of Indian modernism in the very laboratory where it was being developed. Learning how to design for the climate, using local, readily available materials, with absolute honesty and directness were lessons that were to stay with Sharma through his long career to come. In this sense, the Chandigarh Capital Project Office in Sector 19, which Sharma, much later would come back to conserve and preserve, was the true school of architecture of his career.