Project Name: Galleu Resort, Kufri
Architect Name: Sangeet Sharma

Two specific design aspects were considered to gain the local acceptability to otherwise native people. By giving them recognizable architectural forms and selecting the roof that may act as an Antenna to receive cosmic energies emitted by the surrounding Goddesses are adopted from the roof forms of the surrounding Devi temples. The roof of the cottages has a pinnacle shaped, pointed roof with fibre glass material to allow light to pass through. The curved lobby area and the symmetrical wings of the structures is a dominant form that gives the whole complex a modern and a State of Art design feature.

The red curved patch on the face of Rotunda is a native feature in the elevations of the village buildings and temples. It has been suitably, adopted, reorganized with refined sophisticated geometrical calculations presenting a feature of modern tourist resort. The special ambience surround this resort to look like a Swiss village and the task has been neatly accomplished to maintain the architectonic analogy that makes the design sustainable and rich in content.

The factors involving energy conservation has been suitably adopted in the design of the Galleu Resort:Right through the foundation, the buildings are made in cavity walls with 4-1/2″ thick cavity so that during intense cold, rooms inside remain warm and comfortable. The foundations are of stone that were recovered while digging of the hills, therefore foundations are more adaptable to the soil and structure.

In the design of the cottage an area of catchment has been created so that during snowfall , which is almost 4 ft., the cold is caught in the area below Pinnacle roof which does not allow it to travel beneath. It also does not allow the warm air, created by fireplace inside to loose above.To harness the passive solar activity, flooring of the lobby and other areas is made in locally available wood.All the rooms are oriented towards the hills to receive the best light constantly during the day, so that minimum artificial light is used.The curved entrance area is energy efficient, as it reduces outer surface area that may restrict entry of the light and instead by the virtue of its form admits more light and much deeper inside for maximum warmth. This area also acts as a solarium or the sunroom, which is very much required in the days of intense snow and cold.

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