Ar. Purnima Sharma


Born in Agra coupled with a daily walk to the ever inspirational Taj Mahal compelled her to select a profession diagrammatically opposite to her maternal family of doctors and hence she went on to pursue her Bachelors of Architecture from Lucknow, graduated in 1987. Married in a family of architects which brought her to Chandigarh, another architectural inspiration by the late Le Corbusier, a need arose to carve out a niche between the two renowned architects present in her in laws family. Hence, the focus on interior projects and residences to hone her skills Purnima even went on to do a course in Vaastu and another one in construction management and then further to give back to society and students she did her masters in Architectural education in 2016.

 Currently handling projects in Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Panchkula and Ludhiana whether it was by force that she went into interior “ Interior designing is something which came to her naturally. It is a flair which either is present or is not present. Whenever she has done any project –  even if it is not related to interiors she has always thought from inside to outside. For her designing has been from part to whole”. She does all kind of projects – architectural to interiors, though because of the fact that she belongs to a family of medical fraternity, she holds a special corner for designing hospitals as she believes that she can comprehend their needs much better.

 Elaborating on her approach to design she says “she gives a lot of weight age to whatever her clients desires especially in interiors. She first lends an ear totally to whatever the client wants to talk since she feels he/she has put in a lot of dream and money into it. For her, the end users have to be totally satisfied. After that she embarks on a design where she made two options – one explicitly detailing the requirements of the client, and the other with slight alterations that she feels would enhance the design and functionality of the project. She tries and incorporate atleast the basic elements of Vaastu in her designs. Her designs generally has a lot of light and ventilation”. she pays heed to the two dictions by Master Architects – ‘Form follows Function’ and ‘Less is More’. Her attempt to use every iota of space and her efforts to work with natural resources to save the mother earth which she conveys to her clients comes across as something very impressive . The firm’s adict as it reads says “Design professionals must listen and respect the personality of the client and the circumstances of the project. Listening formulates the enquiry process the designer will use with the client”. This designer also believes that though everyone knows how they want their house to be but going about to achieve it requires a lot of  hearing which in turn needs a lot of time and patience, which somehow is a quality possessed by a fairer sex much more than their male counterparts.

 She has mastered the art of developing a unique technique of doing paintings in “Pen and Ink”, and in the blending of crayons. Her ingenuity also comes across through her sculptures of Ganesha in 1998, her projects also are interspersed with the personal touch of these artifacts.

 She has been a visiting faculty in the Chandigarh College of and Chitkara school of planning and architecture. On a parting shot I need to know what is the first thing that strikes her when one says “Interior Designing.” For her, it is the about organizing spaces so that it pleases one’s eyes, makes one happy at the same time fulfilling all functions. It’s mesmerizing how she sums up saying “It is empowering to see your drawn lines taking form and shape of a space”. 

She is a recipient of Bharat Jyoti Award From ‘IIFS’ New Delhi  For  Meritorious Services, Out Standing Performance.

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