Ar. Sangeet Sharma


Sangeet Sharma is an architect based out of Chandigarh. Architecture is his profession. He is partner in SD Sharma & Associates, a known firm in Chandigarh. He has been conferred hon. Doctorate by Berkeley Univ. His architecture is termed as “cubist modernism” and is highly influenced by Chandigarh, modern and sustainable architecture.

He is widely published and featured in prestigious journals in India and abroad. He practices sustainable architecture. He is a winner of ten awards in architecture, significant being- The “GRIHA Exemplary performance award” for his project in Coimbatore, three projects awards for sustainability and various others for the best structures to name a few. He has earned many momentous titles such as one of the ‘Hot hundred architects‘, famous fifty ‘ and ‘most inspiring architects of India’ in various books and journals.

He has varied passions.

He has authored five cult books on architecture; his latest “Castles in the Air” took the profession by storm. He has been awarded two literary awards in authorship including ‘National Book Honour Award’-2017. He is also a poet and has penned his poems in English under the tile “The Touch of Moon”. He was awarded the ‘Poet of the year’ by the poetry society.

His essays on architectural aesthetics culminated in the book called “Archi Talks”. His popular book on Chandigarh “Corb’s Capitol” has been translated into three languages.  He has been involved in many “writers workshop” that delves in teaching writing expressions both literary and prose. He is the only profession’s pride who has been invited in many literary festivals.

He is a sought after motivational speaker and have delivered almost hundred and fifty talks including in many Universities abroad. He was invited to deliver the TEDx talk at NMIMS Hyderabad. His talks on design, Chandigarh, modernism, sustainability and life  are very popular with the students. He  has developed a workshop IDSS-In depth with Sangeet Sharma, that he and his team conducts in the colleges, comprises of lecture series and active design exercises in the studios.

He is a trained singer and guitarist. He recorded a CD of his  popular Hindi songs titled “Melody with Me”. He was also invited by ‘Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy’ to perform in the famous Tagore Theatre.

He is an artist, and was award the state award by world wild life fund in Bangalore. He is also an educationist, profoundly taking interest in the promotion of education.

He founded “A3 Foundation”, a forum that promotes Art, Architecture and Aesthetics. The foundation organizes seminars, conferences and awards students, teachers and associates professionals in the profession every year. A3 awards are today a name to reckon with.

His versatility is note worthy and is a delight to define him. The profile is large as is his personality, and philosophy which can shift areas of interest at any forum.

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