Ar. Sangeet Sharma




Article titled “Institute of Microbial Technology” published in Journal of Indian Institute of Architects 1993

Article titled “Pillars of Faith” published in the Sunday Reading of ` The Tribune’ 1992

Article titled: “Crux, Core and Continuity (Indian Architecture)” published in Sunday Reading of `The Tribune’ 1992

Article titled “Fenestrations” – `The Architects Trade Journal ‘ 1991
Book on Poetry published a manual of poetry titled “The Touch of Moon”

Article published in Indian Architect & Builder under the column “ Design Paradigms ”

Crux, Core & Continuity

Conserving Through MemoryVernacular – In the New Guise

Architecture as the New National Icons

The Dilemma of Arab Architecture

My Personal Space

Discovering New Chandigarh

Architect : The Artistic Technician

Continuing Industrial Aesthetics

Bridging Architectonics

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