{ Ar. S.D. Sharma }

Design Magazine:

January 1967: Museum for Chandigarh and “The Panjab Village”

March 1967:
Arts College Hostel, House for Mr.Gautam Sehgal
House for Mrs.B.K.Sarkaria
Laboratory cum workshop in the Campus of the Central Scientific Instruments  Organization, Chandigarh

June 1967: Campus of the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh

November 1967: Review of Artist Ranias Works

May 1969:
Sikh Temple
Teacher’s Training Institute and Wardens House
Indo Swiss Training Centre

July 1972: Work Community centre mentioned and praised Dr. Walter Gaudak in Seminar on “Unlimited Dimensions”

R.I.B.A Journal:

March 1967Work mentioned in article “The Role of the Architect in India Today” “Art College Hostel”

Indian Architect & Builder

March 1991: Issue dedicated to my works/ philosophy and architecture under the title “HYBRID REALITY”

August 2008: Advance Eye Care Centre PGI, Chandigarh

Journal of Indian Institute of Architects (JIIA):

January 1993: Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

A+D Magazine:

March 1985: Issue covering my works under the title “KEEPING THE FAITH”

April 1985:

Housing for Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO) Guest House
Vikram Sarabhai Hall, Ahmedabad
V.S.S.C School, Bangalore
J&K Guest House, Chandigarh
Hotel Ashok, Hyderabad

December 1985: Sikh Temple, Chandigarh

June 1986: Ammonia Percolator Plant, Cochin

August 1987: Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

September 1990: Tribune Model School, Chandigarh

February 1994: Retrospective issue on thirty architects

November 1995: Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

September 1997: Kufri Resort, Kufri

January 2005: OPD, Eye Care Centre and article (Chandigarh at 50)

March 2008: NIPGR, New Delhi

October 2008: SGPGI, Lucknow

October 2009: Profile on SD Sharma (Carrying forward Corbusien Ethos)

Inside Outside:

September 1998: Carmel Convent Auditorium, Chandigarh

International Publications:

Pakistani Newspaper: Architimes Profile (Architect of the Month)



Review Published in journal of the Institute of interior designers on the in inauguration of the Mysore Arts Council.

The City Tab Weekly, Bangalore “Proper Planning Keep City Clean”

“Museum Art Gallery” for the book on Dr. Randhawa

“Chandigarh Government Housing” for book on Chandigarh

“Landscaping Thumba”

“Thoughts behind Chandigarh” for Lions Club Magazine

Paper on Chandigarh Heritage.

Architect & Society

Natural Sustainability  devoid of Technology

Lasting Lessons  from Legends

{ Ar. Sangeet Sharma }


Article titled “Institute of Microbial Technology” published in Journal of  Indian Institute of Architects  1993

Article titled “Pillars of Faith” published in the Sunday Reading of ` The Tribune’ 1992

Article titled: “Crux, Core and Continuity (Indian Architecture)” published in Sunday Reading of `The Tribune’  1992

Article titled “Fenestrations” – `The Architects Trade Journal ‘  1991

Book on Poetry published a manual of poetry titled “The Touch of Moon”

Article published in Indian Architect & Builder under the column “ Design Paradigms ”

Crux, Core & Continuity

Conserving Through Memory

Vernacular – In the New Guise

Architecture as the New National Icons

The Dilemma of Arab Architecture

My Personal Space

Discovering New Chandigarh

Architect : The Artistic Technician

Continuing Industrial Aesthetics

Bridging Architectonics


{ Ar. Purnima Sharma }

Publications JIIA Journal:

DCM Finance office, Chandigarh
Mobile Outlet, Chandigarh