SPATE Jaipur - 2019

Amity School of Architecture &planning, organized the 2nd Edition of international conference on Sustainability in Planning, Architecture, and Technology & Engineering known as “SPATE- 2019” at ASAP, AUR on 31st Jan-1st Feb 2019. 

On this instance ‘Arcasia’s Committee of Architecture Education’ & The Indian Institute of Architects ( Rajasthan Chapter) were the Knowledge Partners for the Seminar. 

On this occasion a vide spectrum exhibition on the projects of Ar SD Sharma were exhibited. 

Introducing Ar. S.D. Sharma is like doing a script of amotion picture. Torn through the partition days, virtuallywith no resources Ar. Sharma enrolled himself in theteam of Architects in the Capitol project of Chandigarh. By the dint of his shear hard work, he rose to assist LeCorbusier and P.Jeanneret in the projects specially theMuseum in Chandigarh. His creative potential wasevident right from the beginning his thesis wasconsidered exemplary by the jury. The fact that LeCorbusier’s museum was handed over to him forcompletion speaks of the person‟s potential, drive andenthusiasm for the built form. 

Adopted and Extended the philosophy of Modernism by Le Corbusier and PierreJeaneretan idioms of a hybrid thinking. The pure architecture and rationalthoughts, building for the purpose these are meant with no superficialities, pureand honest expression, glorifying brick and cement chosen as versatilematerials, to depict architectural expression for a very noble-aesthetic reasons.This was the defining formative period of Sharma‟s career, where he learnt theart and craft of Indian modernism in the very laboratory where it was beingdeveloped. Learning how to design for the climate, using local, readily availablematerials, with absolute honesty and directness were lessons that were to staywith Sharma through his long career to come. In this sense, the ChandigarhCapital Project Office in Sector 19, which Sharma, much later would come backto conserve and preserve, was the true school of architecture of his career. 

Almost 55 panels depicting the career graph of Ar SD Sharma in particular and SD Sharma & Associates, the firm based out of Chandigarh in general were showcased.